Just don’t make boring pancakes.

The other day I made some boring pancakes for my fiancĂ© – just water and Fiber One’s buttermilk pancake mix. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about how I could make pancakes more exciting, and from scratch. Happily, I’ve found a few great recipes that I will try very soon.

More video: Cardamom Scented Oatmeal Pancakes (can’t embed this video!)

Also: Cornmeal Pancakes with Vanilla and Pine Nuts

By the way, Mark Bittman, I’m officially your fan. I’ve read the Minimalist column here and there but now, after reading through a number of your articles this morning…you got me! (Of course, you “got” me a month after you end your NY Times column…of course.) I expect to be referring to you in this blog every now and again. You’re inspiring!

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Following what I love.

I’m on a journey of “following” what I love – mainly because it’s a whole lot of fun.

I love my other chosen careers – don’t get me wrong – but there is something that is extremely satisfying about crafting a beautiful and tasty meal.

The inspiration for this blog came after putting together a meal for me and my sweetheart last Friday:

Chicken pieces roasted with sweet potatoes.

Not much of a “recipe” here – at least, not a traditional one. Just four pieces of the dark meat portion of chicken that I chopped up into legs, thighs, and backs – seasoned up really well and roasted with chopped pieces of sweet potato. Roasted for an hour and a half (or so) at 375 to 400 degrees (I’m using a brand new oven, still getting used to it so I wasn’t sure how hot I should make the oven), rotating and basting occasionally. I used two medium sized sweet potatoes with it. Worked out very well.

My sweetheart's plate.

I served the chicken and sweet potatoes with roasted broccoli and carrots and brown rice. Yum!

The roasted broccoli and carrots were inspired by this quasi-recipe. Will try the recipe as specified real soon, as the roasted broccoli and carrots came out much better than expected.

After cooking and plating this dish I felt GREAT. And then I posted on my facebook page: “Eff the law. I think I’d rather be a chef” – a post that was well received by my fb buddies. I posted that statement just on Friday and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

I figure, if I love something, and it’s a good thing, I should make it a part of my life. I love to cook – and I love having an excuse to write – so here I go with this blog.


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